Tis the Season to be Giving

If you’re like me, this time of year makes me realize how fortunate we all are, and it makes you want to give back more to those who are less fortunate, who maybe are just down on their luck.

This year we have partnered with some non-profits who we fully believe are working hard to serve their community. We are proud to partner with “Warm and Toasty” a local community effort to collect new scarfs, gloves, socks, etc for those in need. Something most of us take for granted daily can make a world of difference for someone without. Sunshine On A Ranney Day provides much needed renovations to homes for children who have challenges that affect their quality of life. Allan Vigil has been committed to Arts Clayton for over 30 years and his impact has created a lasting legacy. These are just a few of the charities we have vetted and know to be of sound service and are fiscally responsible. We hope and pray that you find a non-profit that could use your services and strengths. Know that philanthropy doesn’t have to come in the form of dollars donated, but can be something as simple as a smile, lending a hand or a sharing a kind word.

We get so much feedback about our community leaders we had to bring a few to you that captured our attention. Be sure to read “A Clean, Second Chance”. Denese Rodgers wrote this piece about local community leader Michelle Amarra, a former drug addict who worked hard to get clean, and is now giving back to the community that helped her do it. So inspiring.

In closing my last letter of 2016, I’m thankful to have a great family, good health and success. I ask that you include in your prayers those here and around the world who are struggling through tough times. Our amazing graphic design team which works hard to create SJM was in the path of Hurricane Matthew. They are blessed to be safe and sound but the historic city of St. Augustine suffered damage that will take time to rebuild and recover from.

Wishing you, our amazing, fabulous and loyal readership a safe, prosperous New Year and a prayer for a kinder, more understanding world for us to live in.


Lisa Kinchen
Publisher/Editorial Director