Celebrating the Re-Birth of Nature

Anytime is a great time to take off and head to the amazing tranquil, warm, sun kissed beaches in Aruba but I must admit it makes it extra special when you get to sneak out of a heavy jacket and into a pair of shorts and tank top. Being one of our favorite Islands, we cannot wait to share with you our adventures there and the breathtaking photos that will capture your attention.

Our cover story is one we have been anxious to share. AtlantaFest moved to Strong Rock Christian School in Locust Grove last year and the response has been phenomenal. To gather the TOP Christian musical groups in the country and to bring them to together for a weekend of praise, worship and fellowship is amazing and a lot of hard work. We asked the promoters to share with us why they do what they do and why they brought it to Locust Grove. This is a must read!

When winter is ending and spring begins, the transformations that happen around us are so fresh and hopeful. Maybe that is why we plan school graduations and celebrations during this time of the year. Spring is a time of re-birth of nature after winter. Budding plants and trees help us to feel alive and hopeful. We are often ready to emerge, grow, change and move on. Here at Southern Journal Magazine we are experiencing great growth and change. My son, Cole Kinchen is preparing to graduate from Strong Rock Christian School in May 2017 and has accepted an offer from Kennesaw State University. As a magazine we are preparing to celebrate our 10th year of serving you, our readership. Our May/June 2017 issue will be full of amazing celebration and an opportunity to look back at the last ten years.

Thank you for your support, we are beyond grateful for you…our readership.


Lisa Kinchen
Publisher/Editorial Director