Telling & Sharing Stories

Read me a story….I remember being a little girl and loving when my parents, teachers and babysitters would read me a story.
Those creating the stories had to be magical. I wanted to be a story teller, I wanted to share stories that inspired,
entertained and connected people.

Today we live in a world where technology has given us all the opportunity to be story tellers and I LOVE it. My fiancé Royce Brown has a Movie Review Blog where he shares his thoughts on movies that he has seen and encourages others to share their thoughts as well, Southern Journal Magazine is on-line and read all over the world.

Business has changed because bloggers, and social media influencers can now reach your market that your brand might not be able to with just traditional marketing. Experiences, adventures, selfies, food photos, live video, short clips and more, we now live in a world where we can be connected to so many, we can share our thoughts, desires, likes and dislikes.

Today we have a fabulous opportunity to listen and gain perspective on how someone else may live, worship, play, parent, travel,
on where they dine, travel too, decorate and share the feel good stories they see and experience. What a beautiful time in our history
to take advantage of and yet, with that being said this power also comes with great responsibility. Stories must be shared with integrity and honesty.

Let us commit for 2017 we will share more…more love, more positive stories. Let us commit to the betterment of the beautiful world we live in and to embrace the opportunity to open our minds and hearts to the diversity of our community.


Lisa Kinchen
Publisher/Editorial Director