“Flourish, be unique – you will never become famous singing cover songs.”

By: Denese Rodgers

Optometrist Dr. Humberto Fallas is expanding his business and restoring the historic Turner House in downtown McDonough. He explained succinctly, “Revitalization is refreshing.” Fallas Family Vision will be relocating as quickly as he can complete renovations to the home, first built in the early 1890s. Construction began in November 2016, and is projected to be complete by March 2017. Fallas Family Vision plans to open their doors June 2017.

Dr. Fallas opened his original McDonough location at the end of 2007 on Hwy 20 near I-75. As the business has steadily grown, so has the traffic and congestion in the area. Dr. Fallas began to search for a new location. He asked his friend, Brad Sinclair of Sinclair Mercantile, to recommend a location near the McDonough square with a specific purpose in mind, “I am a huge fan of restoring things, and having something unique. Preservation is important, and I believe that the road to the future may be the road of the past – a return to idea that focus should be on people instead of material possessions.”

Sinclair knew just the place, he said “We are friends and neighbors. Helping him achieve his goal of a creative preservation is exciting for the downtown square. It will be a great thing for the area and the merchants.” It was exactly what Dr. Fallas had been seeking, “I see it in people’s eyes; their lives become routine because everything around them is routine. Life is a one day contract, and there is no guarantee – but we can reinvest in the preservation of history for the benefit of the next generation”

Dr. Fallas purchased the home from Blakely Turner. The home was originally built as a single story home, with a hallway and four rooms. In the late 1890s the kitchen was attached. In 1919 Blakely’s Great-Grandfather, William Jefferson Turner, purchased the home and added the second floor. He also added the heart of pine flooring, wrap-around porches, and indoor plumbing. Mr. Turner was enthusiastic about the conversion of the home to a community invested business. “We were thrilled, and we think his plan is fantastic. And I’ve heard from so many people about this wonderful Optometrist and his staff.

Dr. Fallas is preserving as much of the original structure as possible, “During the construction, we have found letters, postcards, wedding invitations from bygone years tucked in behind walls or wedged into sills.” He added, “We want to preserve as much of the interior as possible. We have been removing wall coverings to expose the beautiful wood, and will leave it that way. The outside color will change to give it a more attractive , and refreshing look.”

Fallas Family Vision is open Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. Services include eye exams, diagnostic testing, eye disease management, contact lens exams, LASIK surgery consultation & management, as well as specialized vision services for those in computing or sports. The office number is 770-957-9898, and the website is www.fallasfamilyvision.com where inquiries (English or Spanish) may be addressed.

In 2014, Dr. Fallas’ father was stricken with cancer. At that time he resolved to spend weekends with his family, “Childhood memories are precious, and family is the most important thing.”