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Georgia Entertainment Industry

The Movement Behind the Georgia Film Tax Credit

Georgia State Representatives Butch Parrish and Ron Stephens are men on a mission. That mission is to make Georgia the premier place to produce – and post-produce – movies, television shows and commercials in the entire country. The pathway to victory: film tax credits.

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Turning Point Church Michael Turner

Turning Point Church Feature

Michael Turner had the misfortune of growing up in the midst of a turbulent home environment. As a five-year-old boy with tears in his eyes he watched his dad drive away leaving him and his mother behind. His dad returned only to repeat the pattern of absenteeism in his son’s life in an “on again, off again” fashion over the next seven years, after which, Michael’s parents divorced and his dad made his final departure.

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Crystal Coast

The Crystal Coast

A visit to The Crystal Coast, North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks provides the authentic “coastal experience” featuring waters of crystalline purity bordering sandy, sparkling beaches. Vacationers will find eccentric history steeped in legendary tales of swashbuckling pirate adventures and ghostly encounters, to exotic wild horses roaming the same shores for centuries and generations reflecting southern tradition.

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2014 Top Attorneys

Attorneys are often known for being zealous advocates for their clients . They argue their cases with conviction and support their clients through some of the most difficult circumstances. After years of study, practice and experience some attorneys rise to the top as stellar attorneys.

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