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Crystal Coast

The Crystal Coast

A visit to The Crystal Coast, North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks provides the authentic “coastal experience” featuring waters of crystalline purity bordering sandy, sparkling beaches. Vacationers will find eccentric history steeped in legendary tales of swashbuckling pirate adventures and ghostly encounters, to exotic wild horses roaming the same shores for centuries and generations reflecting southern tradition.

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2014 Top Attorneys

Attorneys are often known for being zealous advocates for their clients . They argue their cases with conviction and support their clients through some of the most difficult circumstances. After years of study, practice and experience some attorneys rise to the top as stellar attorneys.

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Cover Story: Curtis and Carrie Zimmerman Profile

In Florida’s Capital City sits a four-acre campus with two white buildings trimmed in Coca-Cola Company red with a huge grassy courtyard in the center. It is ground zero for revolutionary-thinking award-winning, The Zimmerman Agency.

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The Vinoy

The Vinoy Renaissance Resort and Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida is a place of beauty, elegance and grandeur. This resort provides a place to rest, relax and is the perfect venue for a memorable wedding day.

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